Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Perfume Necklace

The "Perfume" Necklace is a splendid design with an antique, ruby red glass perfume stopper!  Original cork is enhanced with a vintage style brass tulip cap.  Lovely vintage style brass beads and findings add detail.  Amazingly, the vintage perfume stopper has the original perfume fragrance!  This is a long style vintage brass chain design.  A small vintage watch fob clasp and filigree toggle concludes the design.

Pendant/Chain Length: 33 inches

Perfume Stopper Pendant: 1 inch wide, 2 inches tall

Price:  $115

Please keep in mind that all jewelry creations are a combination of vintage and modern findings.  Any flaws or wears are the "patina" of the jewelry from age.

"An Era's Ambiance" Jewelry is a proud creator of tarnished findings and lost jewels that needed tender love and FLARE!


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