Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finding "the" Upcycled Jewelry Display!

~ Upcycled Jewelry Displays ~

 ~ Upcycled Antique Ashtrays! ~

Once I have completed a collection of “An Era’s Ambiance” Jewelry, I am on the lookout for interesting treasures that can be upcycled to display my vintage creations.

I usually head off to my local antique store or my favorite flea market with a few guidelines in mind:

What color of the display do I want to look for?  - Looking for a specific color helps narrow your search and helps you find your treasure faster.  In a large room filled with antiques from top to bottom, you have to be able to scan a space quickly for your hidden treasure.  I usually am looking for the color teal or turquoise.  A bright, vintage color that was often used on old farm house objects.
How should the jewelry hang on the display?  - This question is very important when searching for the right upcycled display.  If I am looking for a display that will accommodate earrings, the display should have the ability to hang small items from and still be noticeable.
What is my price range?  - The wonderful thing about upcycling is that it can be fairly cheap.  Your treasures can vary in value, but for the most part, they are objects that just need some tender love and flare!  If you are willing to put a small amount of time into cleaning or perhaps painting, another woman’s junk can become your extravagant jewelry display! 

~ Upcycled Antique Tins! ~ 

The upcycled antique tins are perfect for my skeleton key necklaces.  I love that my display is functional and vintage! 

~ Upcycled Tin ~


~ Marketing Materials ~

My marketing materials are as equally important as my jewelry!  An upcycled cocoa tin creates an inviting display that gives height and vintage appeal! 

 At festivals and shows, upcycled displays highlight your handmade, repurposed goods!



Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I happend to see your post on the feed at FB and stopped by. Wonderful things you are doing.

Terah Ware said...

Thank you for stopping by! This Vintage Artist is grateful! ~ Terah

Ivy and Elephants said...

OMG Terah, your work is fabulous. I just love everything, but the ashtrays absolutely blew me a way. I am thinking, "Hey I didn't think of that". You rock! -Paula

Jillian Haupt said...

GORGEOUS!! Love your displays!

Linda Sadler said...

I am always on the lookout for display ideas and was lead to your post through Pinterest. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully creative ideas and displays.


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