Monday, May 30, 2011

Illustrating in Layers - Mixed Media

~ Forever Strong Womanhood ~   

"Le Corsetaire"
 Terah Ware
 Because of this turning point in my life as a stronger woman, I wanted to convey messages in my paintings to women by illustrating issues of control, strength and power. I chose the turn of the century, the Edwardian Era, as a backdrop for my paintings because the time period was filled with conformity. Much like my earlier acceptance of average circumstances, Edwardian women based their daily decisions by the influence of their society. In each painting, I incorporated a confident or submissive woman to represent their specific challenge or obstacle. We should appreciate their travels and congratulate the journey they conquered to reach today.

To view more paintings from the series, visit "Forever Strong Womanhood".

Note:  The above painting has layers of acrylic paint, pastels, India ink, handmade papers, vintage textiles, and a vintage stamp from Prague on illustration board.

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