Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interwoven Memories - The Seamstress Collection

This gorgeous vintage satin applique was found at a local antique store here in Berkeley Springs, WV.  I fell immediately in LOVE with this and instantly saw it as an UPCYCLED JEWEL!  How wonderful to find something so rare and fine as this beauty!

I have always appreciated vintage textiles.  The fine craftsmanship and their long history.  I imagine the women who sat for many hours on their porches during those cool Summer evenings...creating...making something that they could give to their families.  The love in every weave with ~ INTERWOVEN MEMORIES ~.  

In the ~ SEAMSTRESS COLLECTION ~ I want to preserve that vintage remnant that holds a story.  Vintage lace between two panes of glass and adorned with an antique mother of pearl button and a skeleton key...this keepsake has true beauty like no other...

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Margo said...

Hello Terah! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Count me as one of your newest "old soul" followers! Your jewelry is wonderful, can't wait to view the rest of your blog!!


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