Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Silence - Poetry - Terah Ware

                          Photography by Jason Ware

By Terah Ware

Now that I sit in silence with no distractions or pursuits, my mind 
wonders back to this path that I always choose. 
An art teacher, a mother, an artist, a sister, a sweet heart, a 
woman, a daughter, a caregiver. 
I feel these roles daily in my mind and caress their importance 
with each stride.
  One may be heavier or tip me off balance, but I will always carry 
each one in my silence.
~ Terah Ware

1 comment:

Dad said...

From the day you were born my little CC, I knew that you were so special, your talents surpass anything I ever could imagine....and I still am learning each day, your inner self and creative ways. So proud to have you as my daughter and I am your biggest fan forever!

I love you so much..


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