Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hand Weathered Backgrounds - Jewelry Display & Mixed Media

My Hand Weathered Backgrounds

I have given new life to my mixed media painting backgrounds from my studio!  I have found that they work wonderfully for my jewelry photo displays!  They were originally from a small series that I started awhile back and have been left on the easel.  The hand weathered backgrounds are on illustration board and are perfect for my mixed media collages and now vintage jewelry!

Perfect for Jewelry Photo Backgrounds!
I have found that the hand painted backgrounds give depth and vintage character to my designs!  The washes of acrylic add textures that compliment the rich detail of every jewel. 
With the right lighting and your imagination...a beautiful work of art is born!

  Now my mixed media painting backgrounds can be used for both passions!

Le Corsetaire ~ Mixed Media ~ Terah Ware

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