Sunday, August 7, 2011

Awakening of the Enchanted Muse - A Realization of Style

Awakening of the Enchanted Muse

I would like to think of the enchanted Muse as myself at a young age.  Like most little girls, I was mesmerized by unicorns and faeries.  I loved any good fairy tale and even a spooky ghost story.  I was the child that had a wild imagination.  I told my classmates that my name was Victoria and that I lived in a Victorian house with a spiral staircase.  (Which was partly true.)  Not only did I have a creative mind, but I was in tune with my surroundings.  Like the staircase that led up to our attic, (Which I found myself completely drawn to.) I would create stories that I felt were fitting for an old house.  In my bedroom, a window overlooked a balcony that was connected to my parents room.  I would wake up to the sound of birds singing and imagined myself to be a princess.  My house with a wrapped around porch became a castle surrounded by a moat...

My innocence was unveiled by what my imagination created.

With the passing of time and loss of my youth...a two dimensional plane became my life.  I was no longer aware of the dimension that made this world luminous.

Now with each passing year after my son's birth, enchantment has slowly crept back into my life.  It was not intentional or sought after.  I merely was creating from the heart.  Customers would make comments on my jewelry booth, "Enchanting!".  I shook my head in confusion.  I had no idea.  Then people would recommend Faery Festivals for my jewelry.  "Are you sure my work would fit it?", I would say.  Truly not seeing what they saw.  
Then recently, after reviewing my jewelry photos, I started to let the enchantment in. 
I finally began to "see" what everyone was talking about.  

With the my son's innocence and my passion for jewelry, the Enchanted Muse has awoken.  

~ Terah

The Whimsy Necklace

The Faery Necklace
~ An Era's Ambiance ~

The Myst Necklace

The Serendipity Necklace

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