Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's Dreaming - A Short Story

Today's Dreaming

She would glance over her shoulder to see if he was watching.
Occasionally dipping in and out of the sunlight.
Her half grin became translucent in the afternoon glow.  A memory that would radiate throughout the day.  Her casual and deliberate sway would rustle her modest dress.  When ankles became bare, his eyes would deepen in lust.  Their laughter and forbidden play swept the dock like the small waves that gathered around their hearts.
They were in love.
Time was with them when a pocket watch was tossed in the air.  A moment reminding them that this lifetime was unfair.
Bitter sweet sun rays danced and peeked through the eyelets of her parasol like little windows that were left open during morning hue.  Her face warm with such light and happiness that was fleeting.  For she softly opened her eyes to meet today's dreaming.
By Terah Ware

1 comment: said...

so beautifully written,can see it all in my mind's eye...


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