Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Dream - A Werewolf in My Dreams

The Dream 
October 26, 2000
By Terah Ware

I remember walking through the crowd of people and having bright lights surrounding me.  The noises of the rides were clear and the laughing voices rang in my ears.  My eyes were scanning the area.  I could see an image of a man that I felt attracted to and almost intrigued by.  I was following him through the confusion, never talking to him.  Then all of a sudden a familiar man approached me.  He was distraught and seemed to yearn for my attention.  "Terah, I need to talk to you right away."  His intense face held mine and I felt panic run through my body.  What was wrong?  What happened?  The man before me I knew very well.  He was an old friend of mine that I trusted completely.  I felt this in my dream even though I never saw his face.  But the matter was urgent.  With fear I thought immediately that something happened to my brother.  That was how concerned I was and how sincere the man was.  He asked me to follow him and that he needed to tell me something very important. 

                                                             Photography By Stephanie Spencer

  My heart was waiting in anticipation.  I did notice that he had a friend with him and he followed too.  In my dream our bodies seemed to jump from one scene to the next.  Magically we were standing on the outskirts of the carnival.  I could see to my right the bright lights and the noises from the crowd were now distant.  There was a dark field to the left of us and a long wooden fence that gave me distance for my sight.  The man was about five yards away from me.  I was asking him with confusion what he needed to tell me. 

My emotions were intense and I remember feeling sad.  The man frantically was telling me with his eyes that he was sorry.  The moon came to view and with the change of the clouds, he began to change.  Very suddenly the man before me was turning into a werewolf.  He was crying and with despair in his voice and in his eyes he said, "This is what I am.  Can't you see now?  This is why I can't be with you.  I love you, but I can't be with you now."  He came up to me very fast, standing in front of me with his disgust.  I remember his fangs and his pleading slit eyes.  He pushed me away, "Get away from me!  This is what I am!"  I was crying and through my tears, I watched him run away into the night.  I was in shock of what I had just seen.  In the confusion I gathered my emotions.  Mixed of sadness and surprisingly a moment of joy.  He had told me that he "loved me".

I turned to his friend, and he comforted me.  I did search for him afterwards, but never saw him again.  I could though feel his presence and I knew that he was watching me.
When I woke up that night from the dream, I could remember every detail of his face when he was a werewolf, but never of his human face.

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