Sunday, November 6, 2011

Vulnerable - My Life. My Story. My Path.

                                                                                                  Photography By Sudden Flower

Let me dive into this.  Let me take your hand and walk you softly through my mind.

I am a woman who has chosen a path of two desires.

~ An Artist & A Family ~

This decision was chosen in 2006.

My heart desired to have both because I could not choose one with out the other.

I was determined to have a family while I pursued my art career.

Co-Exist * Balance * Harmonize

This comes with great patience and sacrifice for each moment is a lesson.

A decision on what is fair, what is responsible and what is important.

I can only allow my desires to melt into one and become whole with my creation.

My Life.  My Story  My Path.

Terah Ware


Anonymous said...

Balance is hard to find. If anyone can do it, it's you!

Claudia Mora said...

Thank you for being you. Never Stop!


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