Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Am On a Quest - Travel Through Time

I Am On a Quest

I am on quest.  
A personal excursion to find the better part of me.
A translation of what could have been or where I should be.

I am on a mission.
To conquer the lands that seem so far away.
To hear the words that will leave my lips on my dying day.

I am on a journey.
Where my arms become bridges to our lives.
Where I once stood will become a vacant sigh.

I am on a path.
That takes me across time to my past.
That travels to where my unspoken memories last.

By Terah Ware


Marie Cramp said...

Beautiful! <3

Anonymous said...

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3smirn@ said...

I'm on a mission ...
Have those words in my head for so many days now, and you had the right words to define my feelings...




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