Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Traveling Show - A Love & Hate Relationship

~ A Traveling Show ~

An Era's Ambiance

I have this Love & Hate relationship with art festivals and shows.

I get really excited around the month of May...I find that all of my Winter stock that has been stashed away comes ALIVE!  I start planning on how I am going to change my booth around to better display the new collections.  I am always trying to find better ways to showcase and accentuate my style.
But that comes with a price... 

 I always forget how much work goes into a show.  I think it really hits home when you are standing outside in blistering HOT weather and sweat is pouring down your back.  All the while you are trying to look professional and inviting!

But even while your swatting the bugs, your booth and merchandise will say it all...

I'm here because I have a SOUL PASSION and a GIFT that I would like to share with others.
The long hours of creating, pricing, tagging, boxing and traveling pays off...

Because when that customer smiles and feels beautiful after she tries her necklace on...

~ My day is complete. ~
I find that genuine compliments will linger. I am still thinking of what the woman said who was quite taken back from Sunday's booth..."This makes me want to cry." I asked her in a concerned manner, "Oh no, it makes you want to cry?" She added, "....because everything is sooooo beautiful!" 
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