Saturday, January 21, 2012

Union & Sepia Jewels Exhibit - Michael Douglas Jones - Terah Ware

 The UNION Exhibition 

will open in 

Boonsboro, Maryland 

February 4th - 29th

Opening Reception
February 4th, 1-3pm

 I am pleased to announce this upcoming exhibition.  A collection of mixed media art/journals that commemorate the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. 
Michael Douglas Jones displays layers of history with splendid antiquity.  Visual stories that are told from assemblage artifacts.

 When I first heard that Michael would be exhibiting his work at the "Gifts Inn Boonsboro" Gallery.  I immediately thought how wonderful it would be to have a dual show.  His work captivated me many years ago when I was visiting the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center in Frederick, MD.  I remember completely relating to his way of communication...through his work of art.  
He was, by far, the artist who had a voice who spoke clearly and precisely...

It is with great pleasure that my new collection, "Sepia Jewels" of antique letters, wax seals, Edwardian lorgnette, and calligraphy nibs will be among these stories of old.

 "The Union exhibition includes a series of collage pieces that follow a personal journey through the fictional journals and love letters of a cavalry courier between 1861 and 1865. A slideshow of the art pieces are available here, and the book is available here."

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